All MIRAMAGICA visitors have the obligation to comply with these Terms of Access, as well as the indications of the staff that operate the attractions. All the rules contained in these Terms are strictly implemented in your interest. If you do not agree, please do not enter to MIRAMAGICA Park. Once entered into the MIRAMAGICA perimeter through the specially access areas, you are implicitly admitting to our rules and you are obliged to respect them. Any subsequent complaints regarding the below will not be considered.

1) Access to MIRAMAGICA is only allowed within the displayed program hours.

2) The use of attractions is based on chips that can be purchased from the vending machines in MIRAMAGICA. It is forbidden to commercially resell these chips and copy / multiply them.

3) The access to the MIRAMAGICA perimeter with balls, mattresses, inflatable items and / or weapons of any kind is forbidden.

4) The access to the green space is prohibited anywhere in the MIRAMAGICA perimeter, as well as in the areas expressly delimited as not being accessible to the visitors of MIRAMAGICA by distinctive signs. At the same time, for your safety and for avoiding possible accidents, uncontrolled access to fenced areas is forbidden.

5) Children’s access is only allowed if they are accompanied by an adult and supervised during their stay in MIRAMAGICA. The operator assumes no liability and / or liability in this respect.

6) It is forbidden to access MIRAMAGICA with sales, samples, advertising materials, or to recruit or interview persons without the written consent of the management of MIRAMAGICA park.

7) It is forbidden in the MIRAMAGICA perimeter the access without footwear.

8) It is forbidden in the MIRAMAGICA perimeter that its visitors access any of the entertainment means without first reading the instructions displayed on the information boards of each game.

9) WARNING, games must not be accessed: if food and drink have been previously consumed, if medicines have been consumed that have an effect on the concentration or orientation power or the ability to decide. Also, even if the person concerned is pregnant or has undergone any medical intervention of any kind.

10) Do not use MIRAMAGICA’s entertainment games before carefully reading the rules for using each of them. The rules / instructions for use are found on the information boards in the area of each entertainment medium. Please note that the purpose of any limitations is solely for your security, being in accordance with the operating, installation and use instructions of the Manufacturer for such entertainment. Please fully obey MIRAMAGICA’s instructions and abstain from any gesture or action that does not fit into the staff instructions, with full and exclusive responsibility for those who do not comply with these rules.

11) ATTENTION, in the MIRAMAGICA perimeter, in the pool area there are wet surfaces that can cause sliding or abrasive surfaces limiting sliding, so pay maximum attention to steps and grit / wet and / or abrasive surfaces.

12) Do not touch the wires or electrical panels.

13) Do not speak on the phone or any other means of communication while using entertainment games.

14) Do not stay within the range of entertainment games.

15) Do not use MIRAMAGICA’s attractions if you have been drinking alcohol or have a variety of medical ailments that may include: fainting, cardiac arrhythmias, heart disease, tension, phobias, episodes of loss of consciousness. The operator does not assume responsibility for any incident caused on the territory of MIRAMAGICA resulting from the existence of a precarious medical condition, non-observance of the instructions of the personnel, non-observance of the instructions for using the attractions, etc.

16) Any inappropriate activity or behavior resulting in injury or discomfort to other visitors / users of MIRAMAGICA is prohibited. Otherwise, surveillance and security personnel may request that person leave MIRAMAGICA.

17) It is strictly forbidden to destroy and / or damage any equipment or equipment from MIRAMAGICA premises.

18) Anywhere in the MIRAMAGICA perimeter, it is forbidden to take photos, shoot or record for professional purposes without prior written consent.

19) Entry with animals of any kind, including pets, is forbidden.

20) DO NOT LEAVE your unattended personal items, as MIRAMAGICA does not take responsibility for personal items left unattended, forgotten, or stolen.

21) Access or use of rollers or bicycles is forbidden.

22) Smoking is allowed only in specially arranged and signaled places.

23) It is obligatory to keep clean; storage of waste outside specially designated places is prohibited.

24) Violent behavior, theft of personal belongings and any form of violation of the law is forbidden.

25) To meet physiological needs it is mandatory to use the toilets exclusively.

26) We do not take responsibility for possible accidents within the MIRAMAGICA Park.

MIRAMAGICA reserves the right:

a) to modify unilaterally the operating program or the present Access Conditions or to close MIRAMAGICA in case of unfavorable atmospheric conditions and / or in case of any situation that may endanger the visitors.

b) to stop visiting visitors if there are no more available places in MIRAMAGICA.

c) to select visitors and to remove from the MIRAMAGICA premises anyone who violates any of the rules of these Terms of Access.

d) to limit free access to MIRAMAGICA during certain special events;

e) to photograph and film any person or group for promotional purposes and to use the images for the site’s own Facebook page or in other media, including online; By simply entering MIRAMAGICA you will express the agreement without any other prior formality that MIRAMAGICA will use the image thus taken in its advertising campaigns on and outside Romania, agreeing to multiply on various types of support, displaying it both on the Internet page, as well as on the panels located in the public space according to the relevant legislation;

For a pleasant and safe experience in the MIRAMAGICA perimeter, any visitor, by entering the MIRAMAGICA perimeter, assumes unambiguous observance of all existing norms and rules. MIRAMAGICA will not be liable in any way for damages of any nature caused by inappropriate observance / inadequate observance of any of the obligations assumed above by the visitors.